Curse of the Comet WhoDunIt

  • Saturday, March 05, 2022
  • 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
  • 11 Kendrick Road
  • 81


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the plot: 

Last night, the comet Hopkay made its first appearance in the heavens in 400 years. The celestial messenger was last seen in 1545, the year when the famous native Central American leader, Hopkay, met an untimely demise. Ten years ago, famed archeologist Myron Mason found his tomb and robbed it of its treasures. An inscription on the wall of the tomb proclaimed that whoever desecrated the spot would be cursed - that when the comet named after Hopkay reappeared in the heavens, the desecration would be avenged.

At the secluded Beverly Hills home of movie star Maurice Mason, a motley group of partygoers gathered to disprove the ancient curse, toasting the archaeologist as the comet entered the solar system. The curse couldn't possibly be real - or could it? The answer would soon be deadly obvious, for this morning, Myron's body was found draped across the thorn bushes that grow in profusion around the grounds of his twin brother's estate.

Was the vengeance of an ancient curse visited on Myron, as the curse foretold? Or was there a more earthly culprit? It's up to you to discover the murderer and solve The Curse of the Comet!

the company:

Founded in 2008, the WatermelonAlligator Theatre Company is a consortium of theatre professionals who are committed to producing quality theatre in a local setting.

We produce shows in a variety of venues, from outdoors to black boxes, schools to large theaters, warehouses to town halls. Provocative theatre. Contemporary playwrights. New works. Local talent.

WatermelonAlligator Theatre Company also provides performing and technical arts education for students of all ages and abilities, and can provide entertainment for your private or corporate event. Looking for something unusual and different? Live entertainment that won’t break the budget? We bring the show, you bring the audience – all the fun without the drama!


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